Found this cushion in a CHARITY SHOP for only £4!! Couldn’t believe my luck - sooooo happy I have this!!! Favourite Downton quote!

15 August 2013 ·

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    Cool. I NEED DIS!
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Hey, my name's Alex :)

21 years old, originally from London, but now live in Bath!

I play the Clarinet, Piano and Recorder

This blog is a mixture of classical music and random stuff. I also do competitions, so if you're interested keep an eye out! I have a Flute, Clarinet and Strings Cycle, which is a compilation of all Flute, Clarinet and Strings audio tracks I have uploaded onto my Tumblr so far, check them out! (I'm now working on a Piano cycle!)

If you want to get to know me more then just message me or follow me on Twitter, or check out my YouTube channel!

Hope you like the stuff on here :)

Thanks guys x